Zero-defect Quality, Customer Centricity.

ccCoolyoung Machine is a leading global intelligence packaging

solutions provider. Driven by a commitment to sound operations, ongoing innovation, and open collaboration, we have established a competitive portfolio of solutions in carton-filling, wrapping, case-filling and strapping. Our products are used in many industries such as pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, serving customers of China, Russia, India, Vietnam, South America and other countries.

Coolyoung is committed to applying Newest Intelligence Technology to industry, and building an Intelligent and Automatic World.

Our Value

Actively ensure that our customers' requirements and needs are identified and incorporated into our solutions,ensure that quality is included at all points in our research, production and delivery processes,strive to provide a superior service to our customers.

Our Factory

Our Factory


Address: No.1189 Guoshun Road Fengxian District Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-147 8202 8278           golden@coolyoungmachine.com